News: Centre Re-opening

Hello all our lovely people, how are you all keeping? I have everything crossed that the answer to that is ‘OK’. We have really missed you and cannot wait until we can catch up.

However, times are still mighty strange and although we are eager to be up and running, we have to be careful and ensure we move forward with everyone’s safety and peace of mind as a primary factor.

Taking all of that into consideration, staff will be in the Centre from Tuesday 30th June, however this is for pre-operational training and checks only. It is for us to make sure that all of the safety procedures and policies are complete and correct. There will be NO open therapy sessions AT ALL this week.

If everything goes according to plan, we are planning to open the Centre from the week beginning 6th of July. We wish things were immediately going to be back to normal but I think you will understand that that is not possible. There have to be strict rules regarding movement around the Centre, and what can and cannot be allowed at this time. I hope you understand and support us in the precautionary steps we have had to take to ensure safety for all. Any rules and regulations will, of course, be regularly reviewed and relaxed if possible.

For the immediate future the Centre will only be open on Tuesdays and Fridays, this will ensure every morning we are open we are virus free. You will only be allowed into the Centre if you have a pre-booked appointment. Please do not worry if your normal appointment day is neither Tuesday or Friday, for the time being all pre-booked appointments are suspended and all appointments will be opened on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Also, as the number of appointments for all therapies are greatly reduced, if you book an appointment it must be paid for IN FULL whether you turn up for the appointment or not.

Please DO NOT attend the Centre if you think you may have, or are showing any signs of, any infection, even if you are sure it is a cold. If any signs are noticed by staff you may be asked to leave the Centre but you will still have to pay for your therapy.

PPE – all appropriate PPE will be worn by the Staff and Therapists, and there will be gloves, aprons and masks available for members if required.

Oxygen times and pressures will be different to the norm, each session will have a two hour time slot to allow for an hour at pressure and for changing all essential items between sessions. The pressure of each session will be decided when we have a better idea regarding demand. There will only be 3 people taking oxygen inside the chamber at any one time with one, possibly 2, on the outside lines depending on whether things can be adapted to allow for the 2 metres distance between all. Can you please let us know, by email, whether you will want to book an oxygen session and, if so, at which pressure. Once we have an idea of how many people wish to use the oxygen we can then work out a timetable for the oxygen sessions which will commence from Tuesday 7th July.

I am very very pleased to say that our Physiotherapists, Jason (osteopathy), Cath (Alternative Therapies & Massage) are available for providing therapies at the Centre. Please could you let us know, again by email, if you are interested in any of these therapies and if you would like to make an appointment. Or, if you would like to be taken off these therapists’ lists for the time being.

If anyone needs to have a companion with them at the Centre there will be a limited number of chairs available (still keeping the 2 metres safety distance), however these are for necessity only and not for socialising purposes.

If the weather is clement we do not have a problem with people sitting within the grounds and having a chat, but unfortunately we will not be supplying garden chairs, re the above. If you would like to bring your own chairs and drink and chat and chill that would be lovely, but we can do nothing to accommodate these meetings.

I am the first to say this is a rubbish time!!!!!! But, it will get better and although this is unnatural to us, it will soon find its own rhythm and be OK.

Take care everyone

from Julia and the Centre team x

News: Phil Younge is running the Sheffield Half-Marathon to raise money for us

Phil Younge is running the Sheffield Half-Marathon to raise money for us on Sunday 27th September 2020 (unless postponed to a later date).

Phil explains why…’MS has had a huge impact on my wife Jo, both physically and mentally. As someone who does not have MS, it is incredibly difficult, nigh on impossible, to imagine what my wife experiences on a daily basis. Jo will always have my unwavering admiration for getting out of bed every day, and getting on with life in an unrelentingly positive way.
The treatments that are provided at the Centre are not readily available on the NHS; the staff and the services they provide have been of enormous benefit to my wife and I will be forever indebted to them’.

If you would like to sponsor Phil, please follow the link to his gofundme page or sponsorship could be paid straight into our bank account – sort code 40-52-40, account number 00008236 (reference or description Phil sponsorship).

Thanks so much to Phil, and good luck from all of us!!

Covid-19: Centre Closure

As you would expect from us, we are doing the right thing and following the mandate given by the PM last evening. We are closing our doors to you our members with immediate effect and will open them to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are so very sorry to let down the people who desperately wanted to continue their oxygen or physiotherapy. I acknowledge that the lack of these therapies may be detrimental and that is why we were desperate to keep going as long as possible.

I still stand behind the fact that the Centre is safe, but unfortunately, I cannot be that certain about any of us humans who may feel well, have no signs, but may still pass it on. That doubt is the breaking point for us.

Staff will keep you updated weekly regarding your Centre and will gladly pass on any ‘good news’ gardening tip or snippets of fab things you’d like to share.  Just email us and we will forward it on, and please could you help us?  Any information we do put out would you please share it with any friendship groups or Facebook friends you have who are Centre Members just in case they do not have access to e-mails.  That would be great.   Thank you.

I am really, really going to miss seeing and bantering with all you fab ladies and cheeky chaps.  But Hey,  see you all soon when we will be better, stronger and chirpier 💜💚💜💙💜💚

Love, hugs and the best of your best health

Julia, Jo, Lynn and Jess

The Centre Team

News: London Marathon 2020

We have the place – do you have the pace?

We have been granted a coveted Charity place for next year’s iconic London Marathon – Sunday, 26 April 2020.

Sponsorship needed is £2000 minimum.

Do you know anyone who would like to experience this amazing event, take up the challenge and raise sponsorship in support of your Centre?

Please get in touch with us for further details.

News: Rotherham United players often use Oxygen Therapy at the Centre to help their injuries to heal

Rotherham United players often use Oxygen Therapy at the Centre to help their injuries to heal. Paul Gambles, their Head of Medical Services, says…

“Oxygen Treatment is a safe, effective , and non-invasive treatment which can be used for various conditions, gaining considerable attention among sports medicine specialists for its potential to accelerate healing. It has been shown that using o2 therapy in conjunction with physiotherapy can decrease the time taken for injuries to repair meaning that some players are able to return and competitive play earlier than just using physiotherapy alone.”

“Oxygen is an essential substance in the repair of any tissue and the additional O2 provided can improve the repair, particularly of muscle and ligament tears, because the blood supply is often significantly damaged. Fracture healing may be accelerated, and it can help eliminate fatigue and recover stamina, it has also been seen to be beneficial in:

Head injuries and concussion
Spinal cord injuries
General wellness

“Oxygen therapy is taken using an individual oxygen mask, either in a pressure-controlled chamber (as seen in the photo) or at normal pressure depending on the condition.

“Athletes from various disciplines and levels of sport are now starting to use the facility with great results. Vass is just one of many of our players who has been helped by this treatment, with Cheo and Robbo being amongst others to use it this season and last.”