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Physiotherapy is vital in aiding MS sufferers

Research and a wealth of hands-on experience show physiotherapy has a vital role in containing the effects of MS.   This crucial therapy is available to our members in personally focused sessions.  Initially we undertake an assessment of the patient's individual MS symptoms and particular areas of difficulty, and then develop a series of exercise routines specifically tailored to suit you, helping to control and improve these conditions.  The individual’s progress is thereafter be monitored and their programme adjusted to adapt to any changes in conditions soon as they become detected.

The aims of neuro-physiotherapy are to:-

  • improve and maintain joint mobility
  • improve and maintain balance and co-ordination
  • delay muscle spasms
  • maintain general fitness
  • maintain normal patterns of movement

These in turn will help limb control, reduce spasticity, improve strength, aid walking and act against further secondary complication.

Physiotherapy is available at the following times:
Alternate Tuesdays


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