How can we help?

Multiple Sclerosis is a lifelong, unpredictable neurological condition that can present many different symptoms. It will affect everyone differently and everyone will react differently to having MS. We are a diverse set of people with a diverse set of symptoms. Our attitude is positive, easy-going, friendly and honest, and we believe that it is important for you to feel proactive in your own health.

What we offer

We offer a range of non-intrusive, drug-free, symptom-management and complementary therapies which are designed to support your health and wellbeing, and to help you to manage your symptoms. You are very welcome to visit us to find out more without commitment! Our staff, supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, would be pleased to meet you.

Please see the drop down menu for a selection of a few of our current therapies (Most must be pre-booked). We are always interested in new therapies and in any positive experiences people have had elsewhere. Please pass relevant information on to the committee.    

Key Facts about MS

There are over 100,000 people diagnosed with MS in the UK and 2.5 million worldwide so you are not alone.

  • MS can be very variable and unpredictable.
  • There are many invisible symptoms of MS.
  • There are twice as many women diagnosed as men.
  • No two people with MS will have the same experience.
  • Most people are diagnosed in their 20s and 30s and it is the most common neurological condition in young people.
  • Alternative therapies are beneficial whatever the stage of your condition.
  • Alternative therapies for the body and mind are becoming increasingly recognised as an important aid in managing MS and other chronic conditions.