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I broke my femur in two places three months ago. After an operation to repair it, I was told it would be three to four months to walk unaided. After none weeks and seven weeks of Oxygen Therapy at MS Therapy Centre (South Yorkshire) I was walking!  X-rays showed good fast healing on both breaks. I can strongly recommend oxygen therapy for injuries    

Paul Groom



I have been coming to The MS Therapy Centre & its predecessor since my MS diagnosis over 28 years ago (and they still can’t get rid of me)! During this time I have regularly had oxygen therapy and have also had spells of treatment from our physiotherapists and osteopath.

The Centre is welcoming to everyone and a lifeline for people affected by MS and other neurological conditions. It has friendly, dedicated staff, therapists and volunteers. You can be yourself in an understanding and positive atmosphere, and share tips on how you manage your condition. We also have a good laugh at times and the cake is good too!

Gary Harding, Peak District, Derbyshire



The Centre is a hidden gem! It offers lots of beneficial treatments. The staff are very friendly and are always on hand to help and advise. A great social place for people to come, make friends, and have a drink and a chat.

Helen A.



I love coming to the MS Therapy Centre for the Mindfulness Meditation group, it’s very valuable to me and has helped me in lots of ways. It’s a very welcoming and friendly place. I feel comfortable whenever I’m here and find the staff and other Centre users approachable, warm and helpful.




•Staff are very friendly and willing to help.
•Very good source of information from various organisations (e.g. MS Essentials booklets)
•Brilliant provision of Oxygen therapy dives and of alternative therapies, e.g. osteopathy and physiotherapy.
•Always someone willing to sit and chat, and share biscuits.




I think the MS Therapy Centre is a good place to attend because I have physiotherapy here, massages, exercise…and it’s nice to socialise.




The Centre is a friendly place to come to and offers lots of treatments all under one roof, including laughter! You have to be a ‘jack of all trades’ to work here.




I would recommend the Centre to anyone I know that is thinking about coming for the first time. There is no need to be apprehensive as everyone here makes you feel that you’re very welcome to use the Centre. The range of therapies is quite extensive. Anything you decide to take up you’ll be told how to use it, and you may be told about other therapies that could help your condition. Coming here is like coming home – everyone is treated as family, because you do feel very welcomed and looked after. Brill!!!




I don’t know what we would have done without all your help and kindness over the last three years. The Oxygen Therapy that Richard has had has helped to give me back my old Richard, and we will keep on coming while ever he keeps making progress. Thanks a lot.




This is a very welcoming place, and it’s very supportive. Everyone who comes here is different but everyone can feel at home. The therapies on offer are wide-ranging so there’s plenty to choose from, or you might just want to chat to other visitors. The Centre is visitor led – you decide what you want it to be to suit your needs, so it’s really refreshing




My mum has had MS for over 10 years and last year her health drastically deteriorated. We decided to visit the Centre to see if any of the therapies could make a difference, and to meet other people who suffer from MS. All the staff at the Centre are really friendly and welcoming, and after a few weeks I decided to volunteer. I really enjoy my time volunteering and seeing the difference that the Centre makes to people’s lives, and I was surprised by how many people use the Centre who do not have an MS diagnosis but have different ailments. The Centre made a huge difference in helping me through my mum’s illness, not only through the therapies she received but also through the support of the staff and the friendship they gave me during this time.




I joined the Catcliffe MS Centre in February. The Centre is well laid out and comfortable. Everyone is friendly – the members, staff and volunteers alike. The Centre is well-run, catering for and anticipating many needs. For the time being, I am using Oxygen Therapy (an experience to check off on my bucket list!) – I have found it worthwhile in that it has already improved my chronic insomnia somewhat. I enjoy chatting to fellow members and exchanging points of view. To this end I have met up with people who actually live in the next street to me – how unbelievable is that? The staff deserve a medal for their commitment to the smooth running of this Centre. I’m lucky to have chosen such a lovely Centre.




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