News: From our Centre Chairperson…

Hi everyone,

I hope that you’re all keeping safe and well. It’s been nice and reassuring to see so many of you back in the centre, continuing your therapies during this ‘new normal’.

I myself have managed to get into the centre most weeks for my oxygen therapy. I have not resumed the IMRS sessions yet, as the main benefit for me seems to be the total sensory relaxation that comes from wearing the headphones and goggles. Of course we can’t offer them at the moment, due to ‘cross contamination’. I’ve been thinking that I might try it with my own blindfold (don’t ask 😃) and listen to music from my phone. It won’t be exactly the same, but if it helps me to relax, it’s worth a try.

Myself and the staff are conscious that there are many of our members who fall into the extremely vulnerable category and are currently isolating. You are missed within the centre and we’d love to receive emails/news of how you are coping. Please forgive us if you don’t get an immediate response though, as the new procedures mean that the staff are working harder than ever on the 2 days a week that they are currently in the centre.

I’m relieved that I’m ‘only’ classed as vulnerable. This means that I can at least continue to visit the centre. My regular NHS treatments and appointments have been suspended since March. Early in the first lockdown I bought a hot tub for home and that is literally the only thing that is keeping me moving. I’m spending so much time in there that I’m developing a problem with dry skin. I’ve tried antihistamines and lots of lotions and potions and I’m currently waiting on a delivery of a massive tub of aloe vera for my skin and some crystals to put into the water to help soften it.

I’m hoping that you are all receiving the help and support that you need at home. The authorities should have had plenty of time by now, to put effective support strategies in place. I suspect that you’re all having to delve deep into your extra mental strength to keep yourselves going.

Let’s hope that by the next newsletter this is all a distant memory and we’ve all been reunited with our friends and families.

Stay safe.

Sharon Eccles